Best Tips on  Opening Your Own Tattoo Studio


As soon as you have learned how to do tattoos and done with your apprenticeship, you might be considering opening your own tattoo studio. This might be an excellent idea especially if you already have a good reputation. This is because e word of mouth will guarantee you a specific number of clients. However, opening a small business is not meant for everybody. You may need to get more experience by working in a successful studio to allow you to understand what the work entails, the regulatory and legal requirements for the business. You may also need to save money to invest in your business since it is not cheap to open a tattoo studio.

Consideration the following factors before you start your tattoo studio:

  1. What are local and the state requirements? Based on the state you will be operating in, you may need a permit either from the department of health or that of cosmetology. Familiarize yourself with the requirements to avoid getting into legal problems that could sink your company.
  1. Find a strategic location for the business. This could be somewhere with a lot of pedestrian traffic to attract passers.
  1. Purchase all the necessary equipment. Tattoo business management includes furnishings such as tattooing equipment as well as tables and chairs for your customers. You might also need to think about investing in a thermal fax to allow you to make thermal stencils which will make it easier to outline tattoo designs in your customers’ skin. You may save yourself money by acquiring second-hand equipment then buy new ones once the business takes off.
  1. Have your portfolio prepared to give your customers a vast selection of tattoo designs. Your portfolio should emphasize your flexibility to show your customer that you can deal with any design or even create some custom-made designs for them. Know more facts about tattoos at
  1. Make plans with credit card companies to enable you to use credit card payments instead of having to rely on a cash basis only.
  1. Even if you are just a single person in the business, you need to run the business in a way that is professional. Create a business plan to give you an idea of how the business is meant to run. Additionally, use tattoo studio management software to monitor costs, income, accounts payables and stock inventory among others. You also need to keep your business clean and neat to give a good impression of the company to your clients.  And of course,  you should maintain good hygiene and sanitize your equipment for the wellbeing  of you and your customers.

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