Tips to Buy the Best Tattoo Studio Management Software


Until a few years ago, there was no interest in developing a software program that would help shop owners stay on top of their client data or even the inventory. Only salons and spas have shop management software packages and these are still fundamentally different from tattoo shops. However, there is available software that can help you manage your tattoo shop to run effectively and profitably. There are features that you can look out for to make sure that the management software tailored specifically for the shop. First, check out the appointment management feature. This is the only way you are going to monitor the schedule for the artist.

Once you are able to monitor the schedules, you can easily sync the calendars and have a virtual receptionist which can be sending clients automated texts to remind them of their appointments for example. You will also be able to take note of the cancellations that will enable the tattoo artist take in more clients. The artist will also be able to track client’s deposits and get notifications if there are any that have been forfeited. The tattoo studio software will also be able to track the clients and services.

The software will allow you to have the clients save on paper as they will sign on paperless release forms. You are also going to easily send the aftercare instructions on email. As soon as a new client comes to register, you will simply scan their license and any basic information about them. This information is going to be stored enabling you to save the hassle of trying to enter data every time the client comes in. Once you add their email addresses, they will be added to the mailing list and you can send them information about any services you have to offer. You may also watch and gather more ideas about tattoos ta

The other most important feature you must make sure the tattoo studio software has is the point of sale capability. The software should allow you to charge using credit cards and even gift cards. The staff should be in a position to include advanced features that allow quantity price breaks for example as well as product discounts. It should also be able to order special jewelry on request by the client and keep track of these orders so that they are delivered according to the specifications. The software should also be able to handle inventory in the studio so that you know the levels to order at.

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